Machines for road repaire "TRADEMARK TICAB "


We do not just sell equipment, we offer a full range of services for its purchase, installation and service.
Please note the main values of buying high-tech and expensive equipment ​​are the issues related to the presence of a warehouse of spare parts, technical support from the manufacturer, warranty, post-warranty service, trained professionals, and others.
We strongly recommend you to order the equipment and service from one company, only in this case you will always get a full warranty and be insured against premature repair of equipment.

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About Company

Polish-Ukrainian TRADE INDUSTRIAL COMPANY AB has been working successfully in the market of Ukraine, Europe and in the post-Soviet countries during many years in such fields as production, selling and warranty service of the equipment for repairing and maintenance of roads. Production is based on the ideas of engineering development of the trademark «Podorozhnik» and European premium-brand "TICAB".Our production has already worked successfully not only in Ukraine, but also in such countries, as the USA, Hungary, Macedonia, England, Poland, Latvia, Armenia, Georgia and Moldova.
Our products offer you the following benefits:
1. All year round continuous work, including the cold seasons;
2. Reduced cost of repairing for 1 m2. in 3-4 times;
3. High profitability and rapid return from start-up costs;
4. Increased speed of road repairing works, improved quality of works according to the hot connection of the material;
5. Annual warranty service.


A method of infrared heating has several advantages over the traditional method of convention. First of all, it provides economic effect. Using of this method does not require expensive milling, thus alleviating the need in the complex of works for support of this process. It allows to reduce cost of the materials.

The main disadvantage of the traditional method of repairing is the cold connection.

Even if the work is done very thoroughly, the heated material should be placed on a cold base. Whenever you use two materials with different temperatures during placing them together, a cold joint is formed, and this is a weak spot, which creates a place, where the trash and water can get in. It can destroy the mixture for repair.

If infrared emittance is used for repair the areas, which are repaired, and the areas near them are exposed to the temperature simultaneously: the width of heating is 20-25 сm is greater than the width of repaired area. It eliminates any cold joints and creates a thermal bond in the existing road surface, so there are no points of weakness, which also eliminates the possibility of water and trash getting into the joints and the base, and does not allow the mixture for repair to destroy. Also we want to emphasize that open fire will never contact with the surface. Softening of asphalt is carried out due to the unique characteristics of infrared rays.

Standard technologies for elimination of deformation at the upper layer of the coating have a number of serious disadvantages and limitations connected with the seasonality of work, excess of waste product, high noise, high cost and fragility of the restored road bed.